All alone in the world right now
I beg, I pray and I bleed
Where are you?  and why do you take no heed?

I beg, I cry, I pray and I bleed
But still you see no need

No need to step forth
and show me your strength

Who are you? where are you?
Are all the answers that I need

I search, I pray, I cry and I plead
But still I find no answers
Answers to this incessant need

Even in my silence, you see no need

Myriads of choices all falling short 
Of your glory and deed. 
And yet this is all I need,
Answers to my internal creed

Violent Chains

What is it I mean to you? 

You did not care for me.

You were not there for me. 

Through every night of violent pains

You remained ignorant of his gains

When did you protect me?

When you drank?

When you fed us Alcohol?

because you couldn’t drink alone

In and out of homes

you were never there.

You were your only care. 

But then i was there

I was there to pick you up

To drive you places when you would not stop

I clothed you, fed you, showered you, and yet this was not enough

upon a child you threw your pain, your gain, your responsibility

And when i did not live up

you beat and screamed at me

You withheld you from me

And through out my life of constant tears and pain

It has always been about your gain. 

You took the phone calls when i was raped

but only so i could listen to your unending tape.

And my now i am free

you can not handle me

For you do not like the truth

that you were uncouth. 

You will not take responsibility 

For anything that was done to me. 

You will die a child

and it will be everybody else’s fault

but in the end it will be you who has not dealt

For i have moved on, full of hope and gain

Because i no longer feel your pain.

I take my responsibility and accept that i am me

Because I am already free.

Free to become all that i am meant to be. 

Because this cycle has stoped with me.