Still Waters Run Deep

Tranquil waters run deep

Doves fly above the sky

My heart is beats steady and concrete

Fields of Leyden gold 

Pastures of sweet green

Lilli’s float on still waters deep

Days and days of endless sunshine

endless rays

Lavender fields, the earth it yields

Ocean laps at my feet

Sounds of waves steady and concrete

Childish Joy near and far

What you  think is what you are

Tranquil waters run right deep

My heart it beats steady and concrete

For all my years of childish pain

The woman i have gain

For deep inside my soul of hearts

Lays my beauty in It’s parts

Parts of Joy and of Peace, 

One can not stumble and mere find

For deep within these waters still

Lays the shipwrecked golden masks

But the rhythmic ocean of my heart

Can not be stirred by pirates past

For peace and joy reigns supreme

Finding me steady and concrete

My tranquil waters run still and deep.

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